A benchmarking and performance analysis framework

Pbench is...

Pbench is a harness that allows data collection from a variety of tools while running a benchmark.

Pbench has...

Pbench has some built-in scripts that run some common benchmarks, but the data collection can be run separately as well, with a benchmark that is not built-in to pbench, or a pbench script can be written for the benchmark. Such contributions are more than welcome!

The Agent is responsible for providing commands for running benchmarks across one or more systems, while properly collecting the configuration of those systems, their logs, and specified telemetry from various tools (sar, vmstat, perf, etc).

The second sub-system included here is the Server, which is responsible for archiving results and indexing them to allow the dashboard to prepare visualizations of the results..

Lastly, the Dashboard is used to display visualizations in graphical and other forms of the results that were collected by the Agent and indexed by the Server.

  • How is it installed?
    Instructions on installing pbench-agent, and other components, can be found in the "How to Install" section of the Getting Started Guide. For Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL users, we have made available COPR builds for the pbench-agent, pbench-server and some benchmarks packages.
  • How do I use Pbench?
    Refer to theGetting Started Guide
    TL;DR? See Section 4 of the Getting Started Guide for a super quick set of introductory steps.
  • Where is the source kept?
    The latest source code is at https://github.com/distributed-system-analysis/pbench.git.
    The release notes are here.

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